Our Exchange Booth is open Every Friday!

Buying times:

  • Brisbane & Adelaide 10am - 5pm
  • Sydney 11am - 6pm

Please limit to 1 Bag per customer per Friday (no hangers, shoeboxes, suitcases)

Wait times vary between 15mins - 2 hours.

All Exchanges are completed on the same day, Feel free to wait in store or leave & come back before close




We offer in store credit or cash on the spot!

  • Credit 50% of retail price/or
  • Cash 25% of retail price/or
  • Mix of both

Cash is payed same day.

Credit is valid for 3 months




Our qualified buyers purchase clothing & accessories based on what is currently on trend and selling.

Men & Womens

  • Vintage Clothing (wearable & in great condition)
  • Hats, Shoes, Belts, Bags, Scarfs, Sunglasses
  • Modern Clothing (high quality, on trend & current season)

Clothing must be freshly laundered & undamaged.

Before you come in to sell, visit your local store & have a chat to our friendly retail staff on what styles we are currently looking for!

For more examples of clothing & accessories we love to re-sell check out our Instagram.

Check brands we Love & brands we Don't accept 


  Looking to Donate?

For the items we don't purchase feel free to leave them with us and we can donate them to a local charity on your behalf!