What do you buy?

We are looking to fill our stores with your unique Vintage and Retro style clothes and accessories and On Trend modern pieces;  The decision of whether or not to buy an item is based on a few key factors: SWOPs inventory is highly curated so we consider the cut, colour, and fabric as well as the condition. We also buy seasonally. We only buy clothes that are clean and in good condition.

Take a look at the links below for styles we love and brands we accept:


What don’t you buy?

We do not buy fast fashion, unclean or damaged clothes.

Check the brands we DONT ACCEPT

What happens to the clothes you do not accept?

You can take any unwanted items home with you or we can donate them to a charity of our choice on your behalf. Any uncollected items will be donated.

We are currently donating unwanted items to Studio Thrifty 4 in Brisbane & Thryft in Melbourne who donate all proceeds to the local homeless.

When can I bring my clothes in?

Every Friday: Brisbane (West End) 10am - 5pm, Sydney (Newtown) 11am - 6pm

Every Saturday: Brisbane (CBD) 11pm - 5pm

You can also make appointments on our website for alternative days and times

We SWOP in store only, process takes between 30 - 90 mins

We accept ONE bag or box that can be carried safely by yourself and our staff.

Bag should be no larger than 50cm x 50cm, maximum weight 8kgs, no more than 40 items.

Please note that both Brisbane stores are accessible by stairs.

How much do I get for my clothes?

50% of resale value in SWOP credit

  • Used in store like cash
  • Valid for 3 months from date of issue


25% of resale value in cash

  •  Paid on day

We can also arrange a mix of both credit and cash if you wish

Our average price range is $20-50

We are able to pay in cash or to your PayPal account

How do I use my SWOP credit?

SWOP credit cannot be redeemed for cash.

Your credit can be used in any SWOP location.

Credit is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

We do not accept SWOP credit online.

If SWOP does not wish to resell any of my items?

Please don’t take it personally! We can only buy what we think can re-sell easily and fits in to our stores aesthetic. We buy according to season and stock and our buyers will be happy to let you know if there is something you can bring at a later date.

Can buyers come to my house?

Unfortunately not. If you are a first time seller, we recommend you bring a small selection to get a feel for our process and what we are looking for.

Can I hold or layby items?

We can hold items until close of business on same day.

We do not offer holds on Friday

We do not offer layby

However we do offer ZipPay (Buy now Pay later)

Do you have gift cards?

Yes we have gift cards, they are valid for 6 months and valid in store only.

What is your exchange and refund policy?

See our T&Cs page