SWOP is a vintage and second hand clothing store. It was started with the idea that clothing could and should be more valuable to each of us. Inspired by the vintage exchange culture of North America, Swop is built around ideas of sustainability, affordability and anti-waste. The goal is that each garment at Swop is given a second (or third, or fourth!) life beyond its original owner.

A key part of the swopping process is having an ongoing discussion with our customers around consumption practices. Swop believes that more sustainable consumption can be strived for in many ways; avoiding fleeting trend-based designs that last one season, buying quality garments that reflect an ethical labour force in their pricing, caring carefully for garments to extend their life cycle as long as possible, and repurposing garments to give them a new life before donating to charity or sending them to landfill.

And of course, shopping second-hand!

Beginning in the cultural hub of West End, Brisbane, local community sits at the heart of Swop’s ethos. Not only are the garments sourced, swopped and sold entirely within our community of local customers, Swop also strives to foster community partnerships with likeminded organisations such as not-for-profits and young creatives. On buying days, we aim to stock our stores with garments that fit many bodies, ages, genders and taste. We always strive for inclusivity and welcome swoppers from all walks of life.

With multiple locations now in Brisbane and Sydney, Swop’s ever growing network aims to disrupt and intervene in the wasteful practices of the current fashion system.

We want to counteract fast fashion with good fashion, and most of all, FUN!

General Enquires/Media: info@swop.net.au